Of all the US cities, it is NYC that remains on the cutting edge of design. Every trip to New York brings with it design inspiration from the city’s gorgeous exhibitions, hotels, restaurants, and shops. Check out some of favorites from the past year:

Future Homes in Times Square

If you happened to find yourself wandering around Times Square in NYC during NYCxDesign, you might have noticed a life-sized lego house. Known as FutureHaus, this sexy, prefab house was designed by 100 Virginia Tech students using a cutting-edge technology enabling the entire home to be solar powered. 

The entire home was delivered and installed in just three days. That’s the kind of sustainable, forward-thinking we love! To learn more about the project and to see more smart, sustainable design solutions, make a visit to the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum featuring an exhibition of student solutions to problems in nature

The Future of Wellness Space Design

A feature lots of our residential clients ask for is a room dedicated to meditation and relaxation in their home. Check out some of the meditation beds we’ve built for past clients here. But it’s the Inscape meditation app’s studio in NYC that truly takes meditation rooms to the next level. Every level of calm realized, from the materials to the scents, sounds, color palettes and, of course, the staff. 

Photo via architizer

Future of Hospitality Design

Dramatic lighting and full-wall tile features were everywhere in the restaurants and hotels we love! Cosme is a swanky eatery downtown with a perfect lighting scheme – it is elegantly designed, dimly lit, except for the spots you’ll be reading the menu in. This is a place with every detail realized!

photo via TheFatuation.com

A trip to Tile Bar NYC always inspires us. We love checking out the tile they’re featuring that’s selling a lot! We found a few common traits we were drawn to: lots of glam – mirrored and texture ceramic tile walls. These are awesome, budget-friendly, ways of achieving an elegant, high-end hospitality look. One of the reasons borrowing from hospitality design is such a great idea for your home is because they often find the best compromises between big design statement, affordability, and maintainability. The best example of this perfectly on-trend style comes from the new Tonya Comer tile collection for Tile Bar: