Whatever your style, there are so many options you have to build and customize your meditation space, starting with a meditation bed. The platform and materials may differ dependent upon your budget and the size of the space. Here are four examples of meditation beds we’ve installed in different projects.

Custom Bed in Meditation Room

For our Meditation Room in the Greystone Mansion, we had to go full out – this was a custom fabricated bed we made in partnership with our friends at SoCalContractor. The custom gold bed features a platform base, side walls, and a decorative style top. We chose this design style so that it mirrored the mirror style in the room. All in the little details! 

This bed was fabricated with gold leaf with a tufted fabric interior, but the customizable options on this are endless: The bed can be painted, stained wood, wallpaper or upholstered. We used a custom mattress / cushion and upholstered it. This could also could be done with beautiful sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. It’s your meditation space – customize for what feels good for you.

custom meditation bed

For total relaxation and ambiance, we installed a sound system speaker hanging from the middle center and two decorative wall sconces to warm it up. We ordinarily try to keep the tech to a minimum in the meditation rooms we design. 

For more tips on designing your meditation room, give this post a read. 

Custom Built-In Meditation Bed

Similarly, this bed was a custom, but was built into the space. We took out a closet to build the bed into the wall. With the extra room (which you can’t see in the photo, unfortunately) we added a built in shelf and storage and covered with drapes that matched the meditation bed.

custom built in meditation bed

Step By Step Instructions for the Built-In Bed

  • Take the doors off and remove the interior.
  • Build a low platform and side walls.
  • Select a design for the top shape (all drywall).
  • Upholster the walls and ceiling.  Again, we tufted to give it texture and softness.
  • Custom mattress / cushion.
  • Install wall sconces for lighting.
  • Add Decorative Pillows.

No Assembly Required Meditation Room

This room doesn’t include a meditation bed, persey, but is more of a lounge designing with the same concept in mind. A deep seated U-shaped plush velvet sectional is shrouded on three sides in custom drapery for a comforting, swaddling effect. 

This one is easy and didn’t require any construction or custom building. We used the open loft in an upstairs home, draped all three walls, included a decorative valence, finished on both the inside and outside. The modular tables are easy enough to move around the space in different configurations dependent upon what the space is being utilized for – entertaining or meditating, etc. 

meditation room best use of a loft space

In this space we also included tons of cozy pillows, brought the outdoors in with plants on both sides, framing the space, a decorative, cozy rug underfoot, and hid the speaker system behind the drapes. Out of sight, out of mind! 

Outdoor Meditation Lounge

Lastly, this outdoor meditation bed was the easiest of all! It is the Woven Outdoor Platform bed from Wayfair to which we added drapes with durable indoor-outdoor fabric. We added a peek-a-boo valance around the top so it hangs on all four sides. For a customized, designer touch, we added custom decorative pillows, and rolled bolsters. The perfect place to meditate and breathe in fresh air!

outdoor meditation lounge with yogi on meditation bed