When it comes to lighting your home, there are a variety of light sources to work with.  You may start with recessed can lights and want to add others fixtures to make your home more interesting, and reflective of your personal style.  For example, must have fixtures for any home remodel might include decorative ceiling lights, wall sconces or cabinetry lighting.  Follow along for 8 Ways to Add Light to Your Home, complete with professional contractor tips and interior design inspiration.

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Our Interior Design partners over at Lori Dennis always tell us “Lighting is the Jewelry of the Home.”  It’s amazing how a few thoughtfully selected light fixtures can completely transform a room.  When working with your designer, select lighting that closely matches the architecture of the home, just as much as your own personal preference.  Add special lighting to any ceiling in the room, like the Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom or over a Kitchen Island.  Bring attention to art or add more mood lighting to a hallway or small reading nook.


Light Bulbs come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are specific to the type of fixture being used.  You may be most familiar with standard bulbs and candelabra bulbs.  But there are so many more fun shapes and styles available now, like both small and large globe, tubular and LED Edison filament to give that moody vintage glow.  If you feel your eyes crossing when looking for a light bulb, remember this: warm color bulbs are softer with a slightly cream undertone, while cooler bulbs mimic direct light from the mid-day sun and run a little blue.  Above all else, make sure to install a dimmer switch on all light fixtures.  This will help you transition from day time into evening, and cue your circadian rhythm for sleep.


Types of Light Sources Include:

  • Glass Windows and Doors
  • Skylights
  • Recessed Can Lights
  • Linear Light Strips
  • Track Lighting
  • Flush Mount Light Fixture
  • Semi-Flush Mount Light Fixture
  • Chandelier
  • Pendant
  • Sconce
  • Landscape Lighting
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The best kind of light is natural light that comes into the room through windows, glass doors or skylights.  Natural sunlight reduces eye strain and removes glare from any work surface making it ideal for any space.  Light from the outdoors is easy on your eyes and creates a more productive yet relaxed environment. Create the ultimate indoor outdoor space by opening up a wall to create a continuous transition to the backyard with the use of glass doors.

If you’re looking for any type of window or door for your home remodel, head over to the best in the home remodel, house renovation and new construction biz, Lion Windows and Doors.


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Most homes these days come with at least a few recessed can lights in every room.  Recessed lighting is great for areas like a hallway, corners of a room, and in the Kitchen.  Can lights offer general overhead lighting which allows you to see what you’re doing without having squint.

We recommend to not overdo the overhead lighting so much that your ceiling looks like swiss cheese.  Like anything, variety is the spice of life, so during a home renovation, give yourself an opportunity to add different types of light fixtures.

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When it comes to lighting in the Kitchen, there are 3 areas to focus on when it comes to lighting.  Overhead lighting is a must, as you want to be able to move around with ease and see where you are and what you’re doing. 

Next, add light strips or pucks underneath the upper cabinets and hood because this shines light directly on to the counter where you’re prepping a meal or cooking.  You may also want to add linear light strips to the lower toe kick, which gives a light glow to the Kitchen in the evening. 

Last and probably the most popular, is Kitchen Island Pendants.  This is your opportunity to really let  your style shine!

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Bathroom Lighting is best when you have the light source (or fixture) placed directly in front of you at eye level.  This reduces any shadows that cast beneath the eyes coming from overhead lighting.  Add wall sconces or hanging pendants on either side of the vanity mirror for the best light while getting ready. 

Overhead lighting is best for pumping up the brightness in the bathroom while getting ready or cleaning.  Don’t forget that can lights are also a must in the shower stall for safety purposes.  Install linear light strips below the vanity to offer a dimmable night light for those early morning bathroom breaks.

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When most people think of lighting in the home, they may be referring to the most eye catching fixture in the room – A Decorative Light Fixture.  A chandelier, pendant, wall sconce or ceiling mounted light adds the most personality to any room.  With so many lighting styles to choose from, you could be a kid in a candy store!

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Linear Light Strips are the subtle features that bring an extra level of luxury to any room.  Add light strips underneath Kitchen Cabinets and the Bathroom Vanity.  Install LED light strips in Built-in Bookshelves, Ceiling Soffits or Drop Ceilings.  There is no better mood enhancer than the gorgeous glow in the room created by light strips.  Level up.  You’ll thank me later.

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OK hear me out.  When we say track lights, it’s not like those bulky cheap fixtures from the 80’s. Think retail stores or museums.  What we love about track lights is that you can direct each track head to focus on something in the room.  Which means you can light up some art on the wall, or direct light to an architectural feature in the home.  With so many beautiful exposed ceilings, why mess it up by adding can lights?  There are plenty of options for track lights, and many are so slick and streamlined, they almost just go away.

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Outdoor Lighting is important for safety around the home. However, it’s also an opportunity to accentuate the architecture or landscaping around the property.  A must have exterior light fixture is an Entry Sconce and / or Pendant at the front door, as well as the garage doors.  Don’t forget path lights, landscape lights, architectural accent lights.


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“More Light Does Not Mean More Safe. 

Better Light Means More Safe.”


Lighting for a Dark Sky almost sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?  Believe it or not, our homes and businesses are often over lit, which can lead to disrupting the physical environment and wasting energy. We are big advocates for minimizing light pollution, so select fixtures that have a shade directing light down rather than up into the sky.  By directing We love seeing so many Dark Sky lighting options available.

If you’re more interested in reducing light pollution to maximize night time vision, check out the Dark Sky Association for plenty of tips on beautiful and safe outdoor lighting.

8 WAYS TO LIGHT YOUR HOME | by Sara Plaisted