This week we were among the digital attendees tuning into the Designers On Social Summit, hosted by Bobby Tsui. It is the first all-digital summit for design professionals. It was packed full of awesome, informative seminars to inspire and improve our design-build businesses. But our favorite sessions went beyond the practical: our top 5 favorites gave us We’re so excited to pass along the highlights to you so you can catch the replays! Here are our top 5 favorite sessions: 

  1.  Lori Dennis: Cornerstone Map to the Four Quadrants of Your Life

Lori’s session coincides with the release of one of her new books, “The Quadrant Life” which two lucky attendees to the seminar will win copies of! Her session focused not on design and not on social media – but on all of the important stuff in between that makes it worthwhile. Lori Dennis’ session was all about finding balance in the four most important quadrants of your life: wellness, finance, relationships, and spirituality. 

The session was a hit — the most upvoted on that day of the Designers on Social Summit, and we can see why! She put her finger on a pressure point for so many people: fulfillment. She gave us food for thought: how do we define the ‘why’ behind our work and behind posting on social media to promote it. These are not always easy questions to answer and they involve us to turn inwards to look for the answers.  Watch the replay here. 

2. Rachel Moriarty: Blue Ocean Stories

Rachel Moriarty is a colorful person — both literally and figuratively. Her clothing and her design portfolio are reflections of her vibrance. So it was only suiting that her session title also evoke strong colorful imagery: Her session focused on defining your “Blue Ocean Story.” What does that mean? Simply put, it’s what sets you apart. Her conversation with Bobby Tsui found natural tangents involving Cirque du Soleil and DryBar references, that always made their way back to the central theme: think about your industry in a different way.  Watch the replay here.

3. Kathy Kuo: Design Entrepreneurship  

Kathy Kuo is a headstrong, inspiring design visionary with a big-picture approach. Listening to her process is a great way of expanding the way you think about your own business, whether it’s in the interior design vertical or not. Kathy Kuo is relatively new on the scene and her brand exploded quickly. There is so much to garner from the way she discusses her thoughts and hiring process and shares her vulnerabilities. Being the face of the brand doesn’t come naturally to her, as she’d prefer to hide behind the scenes, but is always receptive to the feedback of her team as they nudge her further in front of the camera. Watch the replay here. 

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4. Sandra Funk: Video Marketing

Sandra Funk is the gal you want to gab with over a glass of wine, as made evident by the constant glass-clinking and cork-popping on her firm’s youtube page. Her suggestion on finding what makes you most comfortable and starting small and casual is a great jumping off point if you’re planning for dipping your toes into video marketing!  Watch the replay here. 

5. Kate O’Hara: Scaling Your Small Biz

Kate O’Hara offers advice on scaling your small biz when you start thinking about hiring more people to your team. She gives some wonderful, quick tips on taking baby steps and insight into what her process is like. We liked her digestible approach to hiring, including the way she suggests framing interview questions: Make it clear you don’t know everything and don’t expect perfection! There’s going to be a trial and error process. Watch the replay here.