Glam Lighting Installation

Something Sparkly always takes a room from good to great. We love a statement-making chandelier or over-the-top lighting installation to draw the eye up and give the room an electric focal point. Lining a hallway with mixed metal sconces and strategically installing mirrors to bounce the light around the space are also great ways to go glam in small or underutilized spaces like offices, powder rooms, landings at the top of your stairs, etc. Here are some examples from past projects where the lighting took center stage:

Luxurious to the Touch

When we think of the pinnacle of luxury, we think of a plush hotel bed, one you sink into–just the right amount, with layers of cozy bedding. Added bonus if the comforter and pillows have a bit of sheen to them! Investing in luxe bedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but is one of those splurges that always feels worth it! Here are some of our favorite rooms full of plush textiles:

custom built in meditation bed custom meditation bed

Statement-Making Decor and Accents 

We’re fans of the highly edited, pared-down aesthetic – one of the reasons to shy away from “Glam” as a style is because it can so often lead to overconsumption maximalism, but there is a way to do edited glamour. To us, that is truly luxurious. Make one big, bold design choice in your room and commit to it – That could be an oversized piece of colorful art in an otherwise monochromatic space, or lacquering a ceiling, or including a bold, textural wallpaper. Here are some rooms where statement-making choices allowed the room to take on a whole new character: 

tile flooring selections for manhattan beach home
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