Why Your Home Needs an Air Purifier

It’s so important to sleep with an air purifier every night. Sleeping is when your cells regenerate and you’ll want to give your cells the best chance to recuperate and rejuvenate- also super important for elderly, people with asthma and children, Los Angeles air, fires and lots of air pollution. And remember: cleaning and replacing your purifiers’ filter is key or they stop being as effective.

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The Best Air Purifiers for Your Home

We have good and bad news here: We have, in fact done our research and discovered the best air purifiers for your home.  Our recommendations are, however; on the expensive side. But read on because we’ll save you the research and wasted money buying inexpensive filters that won’t actually do a great job purifying the air. Bite the bullet and buy the best out there:

IQ Air

  • Our top recommendation is the medical grade air purifier- IQ AIR.  It’s so important to have clean air while you sleep, and this one does the trick. We’d really suggest going for gold here! IQ Air is a heavy duty filter that cleans the air room by room or even the whole house, depending on your needs and budget. 


  • The next choice on the list is the MOLEKULE. It’s going to run you about $799. What sets the technology in the Molekule apart from others is that unlike most air filters which merely captures and collects pollutants, the Molekule also destroys them. It’s also a rather elegant looking device, if we do say so! 


  • Running about $365, The Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Purifier is the least expensive one on our list that is still incredibly effective! The real selling point of this purifier is the portable size. It’s great for desktops or laundry rooms. 

And we want to be clear; this is not a paid post – none of the recommendations we’re making have paid us to review or write about them (though we may get a small commission from our brand partner at Reward Style if you purchase any of our recommendations through our blog).