Inspired by the rise in popularity of home organizer Marie Kondo’s KonMari method of tidying up, we thought we’d share some organization hacks for the home office!

Flow of Space

All of your electronics and equipment should be organized based. upon frequency of use first, rather than their shape and size. This will help you define the flow of your space, keeping items you use frequently within arms reach.

Task Lighting

If you have limited surface areas, op’t for pendant lighting overhead rather than desk lamps to clear up more room.

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Work Stations

Designate a ‘printing station,’ for example or a ‘mail station.’ Op’t for a wireless printer so it doesn’t have to be connected to the desk area. Plus it’s one less cord to worry about hiding or getting tangled with others. Which also leads us to our next point…

Electronics – Hide Those Cables!

Bundle wires to eliminate cord clutter. Using adhesive velcro strips or binder clips, secure cords underneath desks or inside drawers.

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Dealing With Mass Amounts of Paper

Getting out from underneath the mountains of paper can be challenging. Experts will tell you the best way to cut down on paper piling up is to be sure it doesn’t sit on a flat surface to begin with — that means sort through mail right when you get it and toss as much as possible right away. Overtime, trying to go as paperless as possible will save you a lot of headache. In the meantime, go through every piece of paper in your office space and either toss it, file it in a color coded or other neatly labeled system, or take action from it. If many pages must be kept, consider scanning them and just keeping some digital copies instead.

Store in Containers with Clear Labels

Get your drawers and cabinets organized with boxes, baskets, and bins. This part can be really fun!  The KonMari method is all about organizing drawers with compartmentalized boxes. You’ll also want to create labels for everything, be it with a good label maker or with magnetic erasable labels if you are using metal bins and filing systems.

Everything Has Its Place

No more catch-all’s for the miscellaneous items you don’t have space for or don’t use often (and those that don’t spark joy!). If something doesn’t have a designated location when you’re done designing your office space or organizing, it’s time to toss it! If you’re starting from scratch, design your office with built-ins so that everything has its place. If that’s not available to you, Ikea and the Container Store have ample options for shelving and organizational units. Like a candy store for the one who loves to organize!