What does the word flutter make you think of? 

That was the first question the Flutter Experience gallery owner asked us when we entered his space on South La Brea here in Los Angeles. 

Butterflies. Eyelashes. Lightness.

With the goal of making art fun and accessible, the Flutter Experience highlights contemporary artists in a way that is playful and interactive. Akin to the highly popular 29 Rooms exhibition, the Flutter experience is full of colorful, instagrammable moments, but with a more niche, nuanced, and elevated appeal. 

Flutter & Born This Way

The gallery is partnered with Born This Way – Lady Gaga’s outreach program which aims to end the stigma against mental illness. A share of the proceeds generated from ticket sales go directly to benefit the organization. They say art consumption makes you mentally healthier and happier – the Flutter Experience certainly did!

Flutter Featuring Flavor Paper

We were fortunate to be invited to the Flutter Experience by our friends at Flavor Paper, a boutique wallpaper line based out of Brooklyn, New York, whose fun, evocative prints were the perfect compliment to Flutter’s whimsical art.

Wallpaper is an incredible way to create an immersive experience when designing a room. With wallpaper, you can take advantage of the flat surfaces around you and above you that would otherwise be neglected. We were blown away by Flavor Paper’s installation in the bathroom at Flutter- everywhere you looked, you were inside a mountain scene, the mural was without repeat.  We commend their creativity and ambition to take advantage of wallpapering every surface they could! Every room had its own unique aesthetic, tied together by Flavor Paper’s psychedelic backdrops.

The Immersive Flutter Experience

Every room in the Flutter experience featured something you could touch, listen to, wear, or watch. The tactile, sensory-overladed experience gets you closer to the art itself and highlights the various ways of seeing and experiencing.  It’s also great for all ages- there’s something for everyone. Our group ranged in ages: We had elementary schoolers, college students, and adults all together.