When we first bought this property, it was drab – arguably the ugliest house on the block. When we decided to renovate the single family home, turning it into three separate rental units, we knew we really had our work cut out for us. Watch how we renovated the big green monster in marina Del Rey into the ultimate beachy vacation retreat on Renovation Inspiration presented by Lamps Plus:

We’d be appealing to travelers from near and far who were browsing AirBnb and other vacation rental websites for that quintessential Los Angeles beach vacation experience. That meant the place couldn’t just be sufficient — full of things we could ‘live with’ — it had to be cool and trendy and up to date. It had to be a fun place to hang out. A destination. But we were on a strict timeline and budget.

Exterior Before

Exterior After

Nothing a Coat of White Paint Can’t Fix…

When you’re working on a tight budget and timeline, the #1 thing we can recommend is slapping on a fresh coat of paint. It’ll completely refresh a space. — Walls, banisters, railings, everything!

Stairway Before

Stairway After

The big green monster needed some serious updates to increase it’s curb appeal so we brightened up the exterior with new paint, landscaping, and gave the balcony railing some backing to invoke a sense of coastal charm.

One of our least favorite elements of the home when we bought it was the staircase. It felt drab and dated with a heavy banister and carpeted stairs, but we didn’t want to rip it all up. We replaced only what we needed, doing away with the carpeted part of the stairs, refreshed the banister with white paint, and lit the way… Which brings us to our next point

Let there Be Light!

After painting your space, one of best the things you can do to transform your space on a budget with very little effort is with some great statement lighting. So often you’ll find if you’re upset with a space, it’s probably not lit correctly, especially if it’s not flooded with natural light.

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We found the perfect, attractive, subtle, budget-friendly giclee light fixtures from Lamps Plus to install in three different parts of the home. They have so many different patterns and colors of these giclee shades, so you can customize to your heart’s content! We went with this subtle neutral repeat to carry an earthy, coastal vibe throughout the home. And without being too matchy matchy we were able to continue the cool coastal theme throughout the unit.

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The first season of Renovation Inspiration tours a very different type of property – a sprawling Bel Air estate for a single family with a glamorous aesthetic. We had the pleasure of working on both the Bel Air Road home and the Marina Del Rey Green Monster, representing the vast array of design styles in Los Angeles. Watch season 1 here: