Warm and simple. Natural, neutral, and made-with-care: These are the touchstones of the Danish design style known as hygge. Hygge home emerged from the Danish understanding that design and aesthetics are inextricably linked to how people feel and utilize their interior spaces. And in those spaces, people want to feel comfortable (What a concept!). 

Because the Danes have such long periods of the year that are chilly, the cozy and warm part is extra important and it’s why we tend to become interested in hygge style across the pond in America during the Winter months. 

Without further ado, here’s how to hygge your home for the holidays (and beyond) in 5 simple steps: 

1 Warmth and Well-Scented

Hygge style emphasizes full immersion – it’s not just about styling a trendy room for a photoshoot, it is about how the experience of being in it. That’s why candles, fireplaces, and other home scents are essential in the hygge home. Prioritize and invest in your sel-fcare with sustainable, healthy, high-quality candles and detoxifying bath soaks.

2 Swaddled in Cozy Fabrics

Hygge means always keeping something soft underfoot, be it a sheepskin rug or fuzzy house slippers. 

And it means keeping your body cozy in blankets, robes, or these on-trend cashmere joggers, we can’t get enough of!

3 Organized and Uncluttered

Organization boxes, simply said. The hygge home is clear of clutter. Any little thing that contributes to the calm! We love these simple, monochromatic canvas organization boxes from Target to keep everything uncluttered and uniform.

4 Libations Made with Care

Warm up with tea in the morning or wind down with whiskey by the fire at night. Taking time and care in the process of procuring libations for guests and carefully selecting the serving ware is nearly as important as the beverage itself. Hygge lifestyle is all about quality of experience. 

5 Emphasis on the Tactile

Give yourself a break from intrusive technology we’ve all become dependent on. Skip the flat screen TV on the wall and put away the phones. Hygge-ing your home means emphasizing physical media and tactile experiences and community. We love to hygge a space with photo boxes, bookshelves full of literary adventures, and board games. 

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