Closets are where our interior and exterior worlds collide: They’re private spaces in our homes, but are used to store everything we use to express ourselves to the world each day, which is why designing a custom closet is so much fun! It’s a highly personal space where customization is key and you can take some creative risks that you may not take elsewhere in your home. Here are some expert designer tips and answers to frequently asked questions about designing your custom closet from the top home builders in Southern California:


Determining Cost

Q. How much will my dream closet cost me?

Prices range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Why is that? Let’s break down a few of the reasons why custom closet makeovers can vary so drastically:

  • Size
  • Custom Built-Ins Vs. Off the Shelf
  • Hardware
  • Accessories
  • Storage
  • Lighting
  • Furnishings

All these elements can all add up. It’s difficult to put an exact price point or even a more specific range on a closet makeover because there are so many factors that go into determining what your version of a perfect closet is.

Are you buying off the shelf or are you installing more expensive materials, like a specialty wood or wood veneer? Are you adding decorative lighting? Fancy knobs? Wallpaper? Lighting on hanging poles and interiors of cabinets and drawers?

The DIY Approach to Closet Makeovers

$ – You can absolutely DIY shelving and op’t for the big box store solution, just be sure to read reviews diligently before hand. 

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Hiring a Professional to Design Your Closet

$$ -$$$ Pros will help you maximize space, get a functional closet, and be sure everything from drywall to lighting to shelving is installed properly, but they are an extra charge.

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Building Materials

Q. Are there any building materials I should avoid in designing my dream closet?

If you’re going to a big box store-read reviews on the product, stay away from laminated products that have reviews on being “wobbly” and “chipping” edges, and be sure to attach to the wall correctly. This can be an incredibly costly mistake later on! 

When it comes to floors, counter tops, and shelving, you really have complete creative freedom in a way that you don’t in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms and other areas that have to endure wetness, appliances, etc. Select a design and really go for it! Make plain white cabinets unique with wallpaper or paint behind and around them.

Closet Lighting

Q. My closet is too dark. What are your best lighting tips?

Daylight is Key

If you can get indirect natural light in the space, that’s the best option! Consider the light bulbs you are using in your can lights, pendants, chandelier, sconces or LED light strips. You’ll want to have the most natural daylight to keep your clothes looking true to color, so look for 3,000K bulbs.

Closet organization

Using warm yellow bulbs will make blue clothes look greenish and red clothes look orange or brownish. Using cool or flourescent bulbs will turn oranges to red,  reds to purple, yellows to green.

Luxe Lighting in Your Closet

If your budget allows, include LED strip lights inside of cabinets and a decorative ceiling mounted fixture to add some sparkle to the space. 



Preparing For Your Closet Makeover

Q. What should I do before I hire a professional or begin designing my new dream closet?

Getting Organized

Any home renovation, even one that doesn’t necessarily require knocking down walls and rewiring your electricity takes some amount of preparation. And when it comes to designing a closet, the most important thing to know before you begin is knowing exactly what is going to go back into the closet when it’s finished.

how to organize your closet

How to Store Everything in Your Closet

You need to know what you’re building storage for and come up with an organizational system that works for you. Designer Lori Dennis goes into step by step detail on her blog about how to develop a closet organization system and what it takes to maintain it. Give it a read here. 

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