2020 we’re coming for you! Working in the design build industry, when we’re not working with clients, we spend our time traveling to furniture markets and conferences around the world where we get a look into the commerce side of furniture and home design trends. So what’s to come in the year ahead? Subtly bold color choices, and tech and wellness futurism driving the aesthetic and functional choices in our homes. Let’s take a look:

Color Trends for 2020

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute announces their Color of the Year based upon extensive deliberation not just from design professionals, but also scientists and other colorists who evaluate what palettes best reflect what’s happening in the world around us. The color of the year selection for 2020 is Classic Blue, calming and dependable. 

Both of which are traits we’d use to describe the latest palette of Kelly Wearstler and Kravet fabrics – the pearly, pastel hues are soothing and bucolic. Expect to see them integrated to soften edgy modern interiors, as well as in English garden motifs, which seem to be on the rise.

Kitchen Trends for 2020

The next wave of kitchens as the hangout center of the home is upon us! Expect to see more appliances and layouts selected based upon the customization of the family’s diet. (For example, this home we recently designed for a Vegan chef who doesn’t cook with oils forgoes a range hood). We’re also seeing people transform their lesser utilized formal dining rooms as chef’s pantries or prep kitchens in which they hide smaller appliances, in order to maximize hangout space in the primary kitchen.

Lighting Trends for 2020

Here is a super specific trend we are seeing a lot of: Modern, glass pendants over kitchen islands and in entry ways. They’re round and soft and make a subtle statement, while having a translucence to them, blending in seamlessly with the rest of the interior.

We’re also seeing bold, masculine, edgy industrial sconces popping up in unexpected spaces. 2020 is going to be a year of design that keeps us surprised around every corner!

Home Technology Trends for 2020

What can you control with an app? Security cameras, lights. Hidden cables and TV’s. And a backlash against tech and out dependance on it in the bedroom. Expect to see it all integrated into every nook and cranny of our homes in 2020.

Home Wellness Trends for 2020

Mediation rooms, yoga, clean air/water, energy efficient windows – These are the updates that are making a house a home. Installing water filters and air purifiers and sealing up any cracks to prioritize insulation were previously thought of as the unsexy home improvement projects and shoved on the back burner. But we’re happy to report a trend in homeowners prioritizing these aspects of their home! We go into more detail on these projects in this blog here. 

custom built in meditation bed