It’s time for a fireplace makeover! Whether sleek and modern, retro and poppy, or ornate and traditional, fireplaces are beautiful architectural centerpieces in many spaces. The weather is beginning to cool off, soon it’ll be time to cozy up by the fire with warm cider and a good book. Here are some inspired design ideas and how-to’s for your fireplace makeover:

There are a few easy ways to re-do a fireplace and a few not-so-easy. In both cases the fireplace is usually a focal point in the room and therefore would make a big change in the room. Sometimes by only changing the fireplace you can give the whole room a fresh look and feel. In this Build Blog, we’ll go over:

Easy Methods of Updating Your Fireplace:

  1. Paint the facade – Many old fireplaces are made with red bricks that can be changed to a more contemporary feel by painting the facade in a light grey or white.
  2. Remove or add/change the mantle piece – Whenever there is a dated mantle piece you can replace it with a swanky reclaimed wood one or a different material altogether. Also optional is to paint the mantle an accent color or blend it in with the facade. If you do not have a mantle, you can add one to make a statement or to hang holiday decorations.
  3. Refinish/replace the hearth – this could also qualify as a more expensive remodel but generally is a smaller ticket item. Replace the stone or tile, re stain concrete or simply eliminate it altogether (if possible by code). When you do not have a hearth, you can consider adding it.

And More Involved Methods of Updating Your Fireplace:

  1. Re-face your fireplace facade with stone or plaster – freshen up the look with a contemporary stone or venetian plaster for extra points! 😉
  2. Replace a traditional fireplace box with a contemporary metal box and avoid the old fashion brick interior.
  3.  Add a floating shelf or bench hearth to completely change the impact of the fireplace on the room.


Looking for an easy one-day DIY project to give your hearth a facelift? Sometimes all it takes is a can of paint. We love when homeowners aren’t afraid to go bold with color. This is definitely the most budget-friendly way to transform your fireplace, or just about any space in your home. One can of paint can really transform the space: Color looks great just around the fireplace too.

retro colorful fireplace

Texture with Tile!

For added depth and texture, consider a backsplash for your fireplace! It’s a great way to increase architectural interest in your space, and perhaps even introduce a floral or mosaic pattern.

Add a Mantle!

If you don’t have one  there are a couple easy ways to build and install one yourself. If you’re going for the reclaimed wood look, it’s not too difficult to build your own floating mantle to install above your fireplace, the way we did to this one here:

Woven Wooden Wall!

If you’re willing to splurge, for a stylish contemporary look, install teak wood squares in a basket weave pattern like we did in this Palm Springs home.

woven wooden wall above fireplace lori dennis los angeles home

Think Outside the Log (Box)!

For a more modern approach, fill your fireplace with concrete balls or something else other than traditional fire logs. We think they’re far more stylish if you’re not in a mountain region, plus, they’re way more eco-friendly when burning!

Wash Your Brick!

If you have a brick fireplace, consider giving it a lighter wash. This will instantly freshen and modernize your fireplace and is especially popular in the modern farmhouse style homes we’re seeing pop up everywhere. For a more industrial look, you may want to go in the opposite direction and give it a darker wash.

washed brick wall around fireplace industrial modern farmhouse los angeles home

Accessorize with Art!

If you’re not up for a construction or paint project, here’s one that won’t get your hands too dirty: Accessorize above your fireplace and the surrounding areas with some fabulous works of art or with a collection.


Install a 3-D Panel or Millwork!

3-D panels go on in one piece and you don’t need a mantle to make it look great. This can take the place of tile or art and instead turn the entire wall into a dimensional statement piece. If you’re going for a more traditional look and have more to spend, consider working with a designer on installing some custom millwork to define the space and style. 

traditional home in lake sherwood lori dennis