We’ve been designing and building for over 20 years and have been a lifelong world travelers. A couple years ago my wife and I decided to bring our knack for design, build, and travel together. That culminated in buying properties in Los Angeles to transform into our dream vacation destinations to rent out on Air Bnb and VRBO. But there’s one problem — when you travel often, you aren’t always there to hand the key off to the guests staying at your place, provide local recommendations, and clean the place yourself. We’ve been at it a while now and have successfully found ways around all of those things. Here are some ways to successfully manage your vacation rental property remotely. See our tips on Renovation Inspiration, presented by Lamps Plus or read below for even more detail:

Automated Technology

We’re fans of automating everything whenever possible – who has the time! Technology is amazing and when it comes to your vacation rental property, install keyless entry and a nest thermostats to conserve power, energy, and, most valuable, your time! The keyless entry is great because you don’t have to be there in person to greet every renter and you can change the entry code remotely for the next guests or for when housekeepers come.  

Reliable Round-the-clock Services and Clean Up Crew

Subcontracting out your cleaning, plumbing, and other necessary services and having them on speed dial is a must. Luckily this is a department my husband and I had no trouble securing reliable resources in because we are both design professionals. But even with that short cut, finding people and services you like and trust is a matter of trial and error.
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Think of Creative Ways to Provide Local Recommendations and House Rules

When guests come to town, they want to hear from locals – find creative ways to display your personalized recommendations and even integrate them with your house rules is a fun way to add a personal touch to your Air Bnb or VRBO property. Consider a chalkboard wall with an adorable illustration or well graphic-designed, durable print out in a highly visible, obvious location.

Image via Wallaums

Image via Wallaums

The latest season of Renovation Inspiration is all about our newest vacation rental renovation! We took a 3,400 sq. ft. property and turned it into three separate rental units. On the first episode we walk you through the property and get prepared for our full gut renovation! Watch the first episode here:

On the second episode, we’re getting down and dirty and starting with some of the largest projects. Much of the home already had good bones and elements could be recycled and repurposed in different parts of the house, but the bathrooms had to be completely gutted and redone. Even though that was part of the plan, we ran into some hiccups with the materials we ordered and delays. See how we troubleshooted, kept our cool, and got ourselves back on schedule and under-budget! Watch the second episode here: