This Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up the bedrooms we are blushing over and giving you all the decor tips and tricks to help you infuse your own spaces with a little romance this V Day.  

How to Design a Romantic Bedroom in 5 Steps this Valentine’s Day

Modern Romance & Mix-Matched Stylings

When it comes to the color palette in the bedroom, we’re always fans of something soft and sweet – and mixing it with a modern, trendy furniture piece or light fixture for a little edge. Using a pretty pink color palette, this blushing bedroom mixes traditional elements with trendy modern for a subtly mix-matched look. Keeping everything in a clean, pastel color palette gives the space it’s romantic feel.

pink valentines bedroom ideas

Silky Sexy Sensual Sheets

The bed is the main event in the master bedroom – and these bedrooms are a couple of our favorites because not only are the platform beds sexy and custom-made, they feature good quality mattresses that last a while and are covered in the coziest, sexiest bedding. Talk about hotel-quality style!

Lighting Control to Take Your From Day to Night

Having control over the lighting scheme in the bedroom is imperative to helping you ease into bed and fall asleep at night with your natural circadian rhythms and wake up again to natural sunlight in the morning. Great window treatments, and layered lighting (general, ambient, and task) are key to crafting a gorgeous glow. Plus, candles on the nightstand or sideboards once the night is in full swing and you need to set the mood. 😉

Flirty Florals

We’re fans of floral prints, but it’s easy to go cheesy, kiddy, or homespun with a traditional floral print. The key here is to stick to a modern color palette and quality materials so you learn more flirty than grandma’s chintz. 

Something Special for Your Someone Special

This Valentine’s Day, make it special for your person — in the bedroom. Craft a custom space that’s just for the two of you by including something one-of-a-kind, like the artwork pictured in the Venice Beach home of artist Jodi Pantuck. Above the bed is one of Jodi’s original works. The piece is all about emotion discovered through meditation and is intensely physical. We love the way it energizes this sexy bedroom. 

Venice Art House Romantic Bedorom