The wildfires raging across the Southeast region of Australia have been devastating and have us on high alert. Living in the dry climate in Southern California, we are all too familiar with the destruction that fires can have on families and their properties. Today on the Build Blog, we’re sharing 5 ways you can fireproof your home and a couple of excellent ways you can help the families suffering from the wildfires in Australia.

How to Help the Victims of the Australia Fires

  1. Australia Red Cross – You can donate or volunteer time if you are in the area.
  2. Australia Salvation Army – Reputable and reliable, the Salvation Army is adept at designating donated funds to aid in the fire relief program. 
  3. WIRES – Wires is Australia’s largest wildlife fund organization. Donate today and help save endangered koalas!

How to Fireproof Your Home

  1. Mend Your Yard – This can be a quick fix, dependent upon how well you keep up your yard. In Southern California, we’re prone to dry brush. Removing any dry or dead vegetation promptly and keeping lawns watered will help in brush fire prevention.
  2. New Roofing – Roofing materials can work wonders in providing your home with a fireproof barrier. Opt for tile, metal, or concrete roofs, as these materials are inherently fireproof.
  3. Sturdy Exteriors – Your fireproof material selection should extend to the walls of your home. In addition to proper insulation, brick and stone exterior materials, as opposed to wood sidings will provide your home with a protective barrier. 
  4. New Windows – Considering window replacement and concerned about fires? Metal frame, rather than wooden frame windows not only look elegant, are sustainable, they also help protect against fires. Additionally, you’ll want to consider double-paneled glass. If this seems like a lot of options and overwhelm, give our friends at Lion Windows & Doors a call, they’ll be happy to distill the process of window selection down and help you out.  
  5. Fire-Retardant Paints – The paint you use interior and exterior can also aid in fire prevention. These paints are going to have a little grain in them, be a little rougher in texture, and help keep fire off the walls!

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