Part home, part hotel? If you’re like us, your guest house or guest bedroom may be utilized more frequently over the holidays than any other time during the year! Get your guest bedroom in shape for holiday entertaining with these quick tips:

Take cues from your favorite hotel rooms and think of your guest bedroom in five zones: Entryway, bed, closet, bathroom, and breakfast nook/snack & coffee bar.

  • Guest House Entryway:

Welcome to The Neighborhood

Give guests a warm welcome from the moment they walk in with guide books to your city or neighborhood. This is one of our favorites! It’s also a lot of fun to make your own from your unique local’s perspective. 

Home is where the wifi is…

We love the inclusion of a wifi password as wall art. Place it in a super visible, can’t-miss-it space like near the entry or over a desk. 

And extra phone chargers and a designated charging station always make for a comfortable stay.

Mini Mudroom

Since it’s the Winter, you might be faced with more inclement weather than usual which can mean snowy or muddy shoes – designate a mini mudroom in your guest house entryway near the door with a shoe and coat rack and an extra umbrella or two.

  • The Bed Part of the Guest Bedroom

Mattress & Bedding

Of course, the bed is going to be the centerpiece and the most important aspect of the guest bedroom. We tend to keep a neutral palette in the guest bedroom, and like fabrics that are easy to clean. Though for Winter, perhaps something more festive and warm is in order! And extra blankets and pillows are always appreciated. Appreciating a good night’s sleep, we stan a good mattress. Keep your guests comfy in your guest bedroom by always doing your research and buying to last.  

  • Guest Room Closet Organization

A Set of Hangers

Regardless of the size of the closet, or even if it’s just an armoire, it’s a great idea to include a set of empty hangers. These are our favorite space-saving sets:

Robes & Slippers

This is where taking cues from hospitality venues comes into play… One of our favorite parts of a luxury hotel stay are the plush, complimentary robes and slippers. 

Luggage Rack

Take the hotel-vibes one step further by including a luxe luggage rack. We love the chic, modern design of this one from Horchow:

  • Guest Bathroom Essentials


Travel Toiletries

We like to keep apothecary jars full of travel-sized toiletries sorted by type (shampoo, conditioner, ets) that we accumulate through our travels and shopping in the guest bathroom cabinet.


Extra Towels

For guest bath towels, we like to keep it basic with sets of white linens. What can we say? We like a clean, classic aesthetic in the guest bath. 


  • Breakfast Nook

Bar Cart, Snack Station, and Coffee Makers

Even if you don’t have a full kitchenette in a guest house, including a barcart with a coffee and tea station and some light breakfast snacks is a great way to give your guests the opportunity to ease into their day.