What many people don’t realize is that construction of homes and offices accounts for nearly half the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, compared to the 9^% from cars and vehicles, so being sure to minimize our carbon footprint during the design-build process is extremely important to us. Socal Contractor is LEED AP certified and specializes in sustainable spaces. Every project we work on incorporates as many ‘green’ elements as time and financial limitations will allow. You can find our sustainable work featured in this book Green Interior Design – the new and improved 2nd edition is coming out soon!

Green Interior Design

Today on the blog, step inside our greenest interior design projects as we share with you the 5 major sustainability initiatives they all have in common:

Hardwood and Tile Flooring

As a rule, we steer clear of specifying any wall to wall carpeting in our projects. Tile and Wood floors are not only more beautiful but they’re easier to keep clean. When selecting area rugs for high-traffic areas, we select rugs that are made in environmentally and socially responsible ways, are created from renewable materials, or are antiques. 

Controllable, LED Lighting

Lighting schemes always feature LED bulbs and are on dimmers. Not only does a moody and customizable lighting scheme contribute to the design aesthetic of a home, it also reduces energy usage – win-win! LED’s are a great high-efficiency, sustainable choice to lower your energy bill and may even be required by your local build-codes.

Lori Dennis living room ft coral and blue combo

Efficient Windows & Doors

The less AC you use, the better for your health, the environment, and your wallet! In Southern California, we have the luxury of wonderful weather nearly year round – so harness that to your advantage with energy-efficient windows and doors. Milgard Windows were just name the #1Best Vinyl Window by BUILDER Magazine. To celebrate, they’re passing savings and rebates along to YOU. Ranging from $10-$75 per window or door. You have through Nov. 4th to take advantage of this spectacular deal – If you’re in the area, give our friends at LionWindowsAndDoors.com a call to get started.

celebrity homes - lori dennis designs lisa chiangs bel air mansion

Healthy Furniture

Most conventional furniture and accessories on the market today is made overseas with little regard for the raw materials that are wastefully excavated, the pollution that is created during manufacturing, packaging and transport, or the unfair wages and working conditions many factory employees endure. Some ways to ensure against these conditions include: shopping local, repurposing old furniture by refinishing or recovering, and shopping antiques. 

upcycled antique desk

Grey Water Plumbing and Dual-Flush or Composting Toilets

Composting toilets have been around since the 1930s in Scandinavian countries. They require no water, are cost effective, and require less maintenance than conventional septic tank or sewer line toilet systems. Using greywater has many benefits including reducing consumption of water, lessening the loads on municipal water systems and treatment plants, reducing energy usage, and allowing the water tables to recharge.

Mix of white and beige tiles in this traditional/transitional master bathroom