Today we wanted to talk about five home renovations that majorly enhance our clients’ quality of life. These renovations are always well worth the investment. So without further ado: 5 Peace of Mind Home Improvement Projects…


As the saying goes, we’re all lucky and grateful to have a roof over our heads – but have you been putting off maintenance or repairs for that roof? Some homeowners put off this renovation in order to move along to more fun projects, but you don’t want to neglect that slow leak! It could cost you a lot more both financially and in your health in the long run. 

Window Replacement

Drafty, dated windows? Window replacement is one of the most highly rated home improvement projects in consumer satisfaction. It’s incredible what a difference a quick window replacement can make in your daily life. Better insulation keeps you happier and cozier and keeps heating and cooling costs down. Click here for information on window replacement in the Los Angeles area. 

Windows and doors for indoor outdoor lifestyle in Southern California

Security Systems for Peace of Mind

Installing a security system used to be quite an investment, but the technology has come a long way! Now, smart security systems like the Ring Doorbell camera conveniently syncs with your smartphone and costs a fraction of security services from a decade ago. Another great security technology we love is a keypad entry – no more carrying around keys! And you can change the codes remotely, making this a great feature for AirBnb hosts looking to manage their properties remotely. 

Water and Air Filters

Not to sound like an afterschool special, but: Do you know what’s in your home’s air or water? Installing filters to purify both and will bring with it much peace of mind. From pitcher filters that cost around $20 to full home filter systems installed for a few thousand, there’s no reason not to invest a little bit more in your home and your future.

Curb Appeal

Create a house you’re happy to come home to. Taking some time to repaint your door a happy color, or refresh with a clean coat of white paint, or replace it entirely along with new house numbers… Putting some care into your home’s entryway can do wonders to enhance your mood whenever you’re coming or going.  For more home improvement projects like this, check out this post from celebrity interior designer Lori Dennis on 7 High Vibe Home Improvement Projects.

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