Custom Appliances Based on Diet

We recently completed a home for celebrity vegan chefs – founders of the renowned plant-based diet brand Forks Over Knives. In doing so, we paid extra attention to customizing the kitchen. Because they don’t cook with oil and need a really great system to steam and saute, their kitchen required more cooktop burners than the average household.

We were able to skip a bulky ventilation system, usually seen hanging over the cooktop, because she doesn’t use oils, and therefore there’s not as much noxious smoke coming back into the environment. Which is a great bonus! It’s most steam exhaust. So streamline vent hoods on either side of the burners work sufficiently and work beautifully with an open design plan to the dining and living room areas. 

Large and Double Islands

The biggest complaint in the traditional default kitchen design? Not enough prep space! So when it comes to designing custom kitchens, the more counter space the better. We’re seeing extra large and double islands in high demand in 2020.

Gorgeous Glam Chandeliers and Pendants

Those big beautiful kitchen counter slabs call for some fabulous statement lighting overhead to match! We’re seeing lots of golden chandeliers and glass pendants with exposed bulbs. Lighting is one of our favorite elements of a space and we know a good architectural lighting fixture can elevate a kitchen to the next level!

Modern and Contemporary Usurp Modern Farmhouse (Finally!)

Stylistically, it would seem demand for modern farmhouse style kitchens peaked last year, according to the houzz community 2020 kitchen trends study. We couldn’t be more excited! While the farmhouse trend is dying down, the demand for modern and contemporary kitchens is surging and this just so happens to be a specialty of ours.

Contrasting and Bright Colors

The bright white kitchen that’s been dominating Pinterest pages the past decade? It’s on its way out. While white shaker cabinets are still trending strong, we’re seeing homeowners going bold with backsplashes opting for exciting colors and patterns and installing from the counter all the way up to the ceiling.