Sustainable shelfie for the win! 

Everyone loves a beautifully curated shelfie photo in a glossy design magazine – but did you know most of those props are brought in by the photo stylist to amp up the glam specifically for the photoshoot? Once you’re done designing and building and furnishing, stop before you go too crazy with accessorizing! It’s okay to have some empty shelf space. And if you’re going to buy new make sure it’s sustainable. In the words of Marie Kondo – be sure it “sparks joy.” If you’re going to buy, buy sustainable. Here are three ways to get a perfectly curated, but still environmentally friendly, sustainable shelfie:

  1. Memories


We love mixing old with new! And we love antiques because what could be more sustainable? Antiques add history and texture to a home and their very existence proves they can withstand the test of time! 

Collectables from Abroad

Because travel and global style is such an intrinsic part of our design aesthetic, we love to bring in antiques from near and far to remind us of where we’ve been and where we’re going. We can’t resist displaying a beautiful bargain buy from a Paris flea market or trinkets from Thailand! 

Shelfie Accessories


Of course, this one should go without saying – framed photographs of friends and family make the perfect sustainable shelfie accessory! Fill those shelves only with things that will make you smile when you walk by everyday. 


  1. Books

Shelves are for books, afterall! I know we’ve all gone digital, and that’s awesome, but there’s just something about holding the physical media in your hand. The tactile experience of turning the paper pages and giving your eyes the rest they need from staring at screens all day is something we can’t argue with. Books, especially used books, look gorgeous on display shelves and obviously serve a very functional purpose. 

Real Wood Flooring in a Modern Farmhouse

  1. Connecting with the Earth


Pottery and other decor made from natural materials is always going to be your best bet if you have to buy new. Bonus points if it’s a ceramic vase in which to display fresh cut flowers from your garden! 😉

Wet Bar built in for entertaining in modern coastal farmhouse


Speaking of fresh cut flowers… Taking up shelf space with an indoor garden always gets the green light from us! A collection of succulents is on-trend, sustainable, and incredibly easy to maintain. 


To learn more about how to select crystals for every room in your home, check out this post here. 

In conclusion, don’t use your shelf space to display  mindless, cheap clutter from Home Goods because it is trendy and ‘matches’ the decor – Instead, create a sustainable shelfie by displaying what’s important to you. Use it to showcase your memories in the form of antiques, photographs, and collections from your travels. Display books full of things you still want to learn about. And include accessories made of renewable resources and natural materials like pottery or include some plants! We believe the perfect sustainable shelfie shows you where you come from, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.