It’s the holiday season and we’re feeling hospitable! Be the best host for your guests over the holidays with these quick tips. First impressions matter and you want your guests to feel comfortable from the second they walk through the door.


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  1. Bedding for Guests Rooms:

Upgrade bedding with nice clean sheets and plenty of pillows. We recommend double-stuffing duvet covers or finding extra fluffy down comforters for Winter. Your guests will thank you! Keep these things in mind when shopping for guest room bedding…

  • Multiple high thread-count flat sheets, with a light blanket sandwiched between them
  • Plenty of cozy, down feather-filled pillows! (Shams, pillows, and throw pillows)
  • A plush duvet and blankets

  1. “What’s Your Wifi Password:

It’s probably one of the first questions guests are going to ask when they get to your home. Here’s a few ways you can help guests get their technology situated in your home:

  • DIY or buy cute, printable indicators of the wifi password and include these throughout your guest room. It’s a good idea to stick these on nightstands, coffee tables, and desks.
  • A phone charging station always adds a nice touch too. Love a simple, sleek modern docking station with a clock or a portable one that can go on a nightstand or desk.

  1. Stay Stocked Up in the Bathroom:

Be sure you’re well stocked in the bathroom. It’s best to have everything stored in the bathroom and in towel closets nearby so guests feel comfortable helping themselves. Here are some items we’d consider including within arms reach:

  • Extra toilet paper.
  • You may want to include a hamper or basket with an extra set of towels as well as instructions of where you want the towels to go once used.
  • Hand soaps + Lotion
  • Candles and matches or a Diffuser

  1. Hotel Touches Your Guest Bathroom:

You may also want to include a set of toiletries and a hair dryer. Here are the items we’d consider including in a toiletry set for guests:

  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • toothpaste
  • extra toothbrushes & floss
  • blow dryer
  • mouthwash
  • feminine hygiene products
  • lotion
  • disposable razors
  • hair ties
  • face cleanser – I always forget my facial cleanser!
  • chapstick
  • pain reliever, tums, sleep aid
  • Earplugs

subway tile in modern farmhouse loft in Los Angeles bathroom

  1. Wardrobe Within Reach:

You want to be sure you have closet, wardrobe or  at the very least drawer space for guests. Here are some items we’d recommend including in your guest room closet:

  • Provide a set of hangers in the closet or wardrobe
  • a hamper, and baskets for organization.
  • We’d also suggest including some shoe shine
  • Slippers or fuzzy socks, and robes for an extra special touch.
  • A luggage rack

guest bedroom closet

  1. Coffee/Tea Bar:

Create a coffee/tea bar that guests feel comfortable helping themselves to. The best way to do this is to just put it right in the guest room but if it doesn’t make sense to create a snack and coffee bar in your guest room and you’d like to keep everything edible confined to the kitchen, consider the ways you can make your kitchen feel more accessible for guests. Here are some things we’d consider in designing your coffee/tea bar:

  • Include a mini fridge for some light snacks and coffee milk/creamer, some bottled waters/sodas.
  • Include an espresso machine and an instant kettle with a french press
  • We love signs that are both decorative but also clear indicate where items are like a ‘Coffee Bar’ chalkboard sign you can get on etsy.
  • We love personal touches so if possible, consider getting an initial mug(s) for your guest(s) they can use for the duration of their stay and take back home with them (Pottery Barn has some cute, inexpensive ones!)

  1. Climate Control:

Some of us are particular about what temperature we feel most comfortable at, or sometimes the thermostats heat or cool unevenly in our homes. Make guests feel more comfortable with as much customizable climate control as possible, whether that’s a separate thermostat or fan in their bedroom, or just making sure the windows are well sealed and easily opened.

  1. “Where Should We Go For Dinner?”:

Another good idea is to include local guide books for the area. We love the idea of a chalkboard wall or tabletop decor with a hand-drawn welcome or suggestions of things to do in the area. Especially if guests are staying for awhile, we know how overwhelming it can be to feel like you have to entertain them every second of the day. By providing them with some local guides, you can relax a little bit and encourage some independence.

  1. Ample Night Lighting:

You probably know your way around the house in the dark at this point, but it’s not quite second nature to guests who don’t live there. Be sure to include plug-in night lights or sensor-activated floor lights so guests can find their way around. Especially important if they have to cross doorway thresholds or round any corners to get to the bathroom at night as well as east-to-use table lamps and task lighting whenever you can.

  1. Waste Bins:

Oftentimes, we don’t think to include trash cans in rooms we don’t frequent. Be sure to clearly place trash bins in areas where they’ll be seen and utilized in the guest bed and bathroom.

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