Every year during the Maison Objet show, we’re reminded why Paris remains one of the design and fashion industry’s most influential cities. We look towards the romance capital to lead the way in which Western European aesthetic trends will permeate retail markets and affect home decor and design in the US. Here are 10 trends which emerged from this year’s design show that you can expect to see popping up in home decor and fashion retailers in the upcoming year:

Color Trends from Maison Object

Bold 70s Style

From bright high-contrast color palettes to modular furniture and back-to-nature motifs, the 70s are back in a big way!

Muted Earth Tones

If the bright bold colors aren’t your thing, there’s good news for you! The other palette you can expect to see emerged is monochromatic, muted, and earthy.


Need to energize your third eye chakra with a splash of Indigo? Lots of exhibitors at Maison were showcasing accents and art in this deep inky hue.

Style Trends From Maison Object

Raw Materials and Palm Fronds

Often, but not always an extension of the return of 70s style: Think peasant blouses and paisley gypsy patterns, but for your home on natural woods and wicker furnishings.


Animal Accents

Ceramics, prints, and accessories: Animal buddies are popping up at exhibitors everywhere at the Paris show.


Funky Dishware

Statement dishware perfectly pops against a modern, monochromatic dining space. We’re loving  Because dishware and tabletop accessories are easily replaceable, especially seasonally, it’s a great area to purchase on-trend, as opposed to your furniture, which you are probably not going to swap out with the seasons.



Material Trends from Maison Objet

Ultra Modern Lighting

Furnishings may be trending retro, but new lighting is all about mixed metals, optical illusions, and other hidden features like built in USB ports.

Fossilized Style

Home accents that look like they’re excavated straight from the earth, like they’re ‘fossilized,’ were a refreshingly modern take on the naturalistic, earthy aesthetic.  like they’re covered in lava.

Wood & Leather Combos

Wood and leather are like a match made in heaven! And this year at Maison showcased some beautiful pieces which perfectly bundled both.

Mixed Metallic Accents

This isn’t exactly a ‘new’ trend, but something you’ll continue to see everywhere is mixed metallic accents.