Think Small for Interior Winter Renovations

Smaller interior renovations are the best to tackle in the Winter: Repaint rooms, retile floors, and focus on minor kitchen or bath repairs, even if it is just updates to hardware.

Winter Home: Fireplace lit in Los Angeles Spanish Revival Home

Home Improvement Projects that Instantly Gratify

When you are adding insulation or replacing carpets or rugs is a great way to instantly feel the improvement in the Winter. Similarly, a simple fireplace facelift (new paint or tile, perhaps?) can be done in a day and will be greatly appreciated if you plan to entertain during the holidays!

Buying Building Materials In The Winter

Purchasing your building materials like lumber, windows, and cabinetry in the Winter is beneficial, as you’re likely to find better prices than if you wait for the Spring. Replacing doors and windows is another excellent way to instantly feel the improvement during the chillier months.

Pros and Cons of Winter Home Renovations

Warm Winter Home: Custom leather couch in Los Angeles Home

Take Advantage of Home Builders’ Off-Season

The Winter is the off season for many home builders, which means you may be able to negotiate better rates for subcontractors and in-demand hard-to-get contractors and designers may have greater availability. You want to hire the best general contractor for the job, but it is also so important to be sure you’re getting their best work out of them and that they have the time to dedicate to your project.

Securing Building Permits in the Winter

Similarly, government agencies are less busy in the Winter months, which can make it easier to apply for and obtain any building permits that could otherwise take weeks or months and cause delays in your construction projects. In this capacity, it is easier to stay on schedule in the Winter.

Flexibility in Your Construction Schedule

While there are a number of ways to get great deals on home renovations in the Winter, inclement weather may cause shipment delays for building materials, so you’ll have to be flexible when it comes to scheduling.

More Tips for Winter Home Renovations

Spanish Revival Home by Lori Dennis and SoCal Contractor

If You Still Plan to Entertain for the Holidays…

Focus on anything entirely inside and that doesn’t require you to move out of your home. Choosing projects that only require the use of one floor or one wing of the home are a great idea.

Take Your Christmas Vacation…

Conversely, if you were planning on taking a vacation over the Winter holidays, anyways, this could be the perfect opportunity to complete larger home renovations.

Your Contractors Get Cold Too!

Be considerate of your contractors as well- they would rather not be outside in the cold either! If you have the ability to create a staging area indoors for supplies to limit trips to and from the outdoors, your contractors will appreciate it! Luckily we don’t have to worry about this too much in Southern California 😉