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Smart Homeowner 2005 August

Celebrity Los Angeles Interior Designer Lori Dennis Smart Homeowner Magazine

Celebrity Los Angeles Interior Designer Lori Dennis Smart Homeowner Magazine



August, 2005

Want to turn your home green? Four interior designers tell you how.

Green design practices and principles can make your home healthier and more comfortable. But how do you incorporate green design into your home? What should you do, and how should you start?

For answers, we turned to four leading interior designers whose niche is primarily green. Using environmentally friendly concepts such as reduce, reuse, and recycle, these green designers work with homeowners to specify functional, healthy and aesthetically pleasing building materials that won’t harm the home’s occupants or the planet’s ecosystem.

Our four designers include Lori Dennis of Beverly Hills, California.

The designers listed 15 green design practices that have been requested by their clients and can be incorporated into just about any home—including yours. Here are their suggestions on how to turn your home green.

Lori Dennis owns and operates an architectural design firm based in Beverly Hills, California. “Sustainability and green design are my focus,” says Dennis, who lectures across the country on the principles of green design and uses the concepts of Feng Shui as well as green/sustainable design practices to set her firm apart.

Congrats to AD100 interior designer, Lori Dennis for being featured as one of the top green interior designers in America. We are proud to support her!