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Citylife Magazine 2005

Celebrity Los Angeles Interior Designer Lori Dennis CityLife Magazine

Celebrity Los Angeles Interior Designer Lori Dennis CityLife Magazine



Summer, 2005

As summer days are fast approaching, Lori Dennis shares her top shopping sources for the perfect backyard for entertaining.  More and more families are drawn to the Indoor Outdoor lifestyle at home.  Outdoor grilling is no longer just another cooking option, but rather a lifestyle that has spawned a “grill envy” mentality. Today’s perfect backyard, according to outdoor grilling enthusiasts, has fully functional outdoor kitchen products that offer as much style, performance and convenience as indoor kitchens, while providing the durability and performance necessary for entertaining guests year-round. Lynx outdoor kitchen products embrace all of the above. In fact, they’re often referred to by the industry professionals as the “Rolls Royce of Grills.” But the picture perfect swanky retreat wouldn’t be complete without a luxurious chaise lounge reminiscent of Riviera chic style or the poolside privacy cabana.

This article high lights  our Carmel Valley home remodel project, specifically the master bathroom remodel. Thanks for making us one of the best contractors in Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla.