Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are not only great at decorating homes or your office space, but are also emerging as the most reliable and environmentally friendly solutions to lighting. LED solutions have both contractors and homeowners alike thrilled with the variety of designs and uses in the marketplace. There are various types of LED light products in the market to fit just about every need.

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LED Canopy lights

Canopy lights, also called parking lot or garage lights, come in a wide range of wattage, temperatures, strengths, and colors. They are durable, incredibly reliable, and offer optimal energy efficiency to reduce your energy consumption. Whether you want cool or warm diffused lighting, Canopy LEDs are the brightest available for outdoor spaces.

LED Flat Panel

Clean and modern, LED Flat Panels are excellent replacements to traditional fluorescent lighting options like Troffers. They are ideal for mounting to drop ceilings or drywall and can be recessed or suspended in a variety of commercial or residential applications such as offices, schools, gyms, hospitals, indoor pools, or areas that may not have a lot of windows for natural light.

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LED Corn Bulbs

These are made to replace metal halide and the high pressure sodium lamps. They are excellent to save on energy and lower utility and maintenance expenses. LED Corn Bulbs are more durable than the conventional HID lamps. They have a high lumen maintenance to keep a bright light throughout their use. The bulbs come in a wide range of color temperatures from near daylight white light to extremely warm white light. They can be used for enclosed pole tops, HID fixtures, or shoeboxes. They are available between 40W to 80W with 5,200 to 12,000 lumens of visibility and brightness.  

LED Parking Lot and Shoe Box Lights

These are ideal for illuminating a large area with ease. They are shaped in rectangular or square designs combined with a placement which can produce a widespread angle of lighting that is effective and powerful. They come with top quality energy saving solutions for various outdoor uses.

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LED Troffers

LED Troffers are available in various sizes including 2X2, and 2X4 inches. You can choose from many styles and designs from basic to modern prismatic lenses. The optics are designed in such a way to accommodate foot-candle requirements from almost any height.  They are available in cool and warm color temperatures from 3,000K to 6,500K. Some designs are also available in RGB-W. This means you can choose a combination of many colors like green, red, white, and blue. RGB-W troffers can be controlled remotely.