Our Favorite Home Appliances Made In America

Independence Day is coming up and we’re celebrating by shopping local! We’re discussing all the benefits to shopping products made in America and sharing our favorite home decor, furnishing, and appliance brands that are made right here in the great US of A!

Best Stovetops & Ovens Made In America

Dacor, GE, Whirlpool, and Maytag — all huge appliance manufacturers you’re probably already familiar with, but did you know they all have excellent reputations for making their products in the US and employing locals? Here are some of our favorite stovetops and ovens from these incredible companies.

Best Refrigerators Made In the USA

Stainless steel is one mid-aughts trend we don’t see going anywhere anytime soon. But if you do want stainless steel with a twist, we recommend Maytag and Whirlpool’s sleek styles. Or for something completely original, check out some of the finishes on Dacor’s or GE’s French door refrigerators.

 Best Wine Fridge Made in America

GE has some beautiful frosted-front wine refrigerators we absolutely love! For something more transparent, we love an elegantly backlit wine fridge like this one from Dacor. Whatever you style, each of these can be seamlessly integrated behind your home bar or in your kitchen alongside your other appliances.

 Best Washer & Dryer Made In America

Washing machines are one of those tricky appliances that we haven’t gotten totally right yet. So we sought out to find the best — elegantly designed washer and dryer systems that don’t break down, have incredible customer service, and are made here in the states. Check. Check. Check. Here are some of our favs:

 Best Small Appliances Made in the US

A couple of our favorites are made in the US: KitchenAid Mixers and Vitamin Blenders! Hooray! These models are tried and true cult-classics for a reason. And they’re beautifully designed, so you won’t mind leaving them out on the counter.

How Shopping Local Enriches the Community

  • Jobs

One of the great ways shopping local enriches our local communities is in its job saving and creation. Shopping local can keep and create jobs in the US and help to correct trade imbalances.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint

As LEED AP designers, we’re big on sustainability! Shopping local helps reduce your carbon footprint by limiting shipping overseas. Not having to travel across an ocean saves on fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.

  • A Stronger Economy

In addition to job-creation and reducing your carbon footprint, buying local has other tremendous economic benefits. When American companies prosper, they’ll contract construction firms and builders (like us!) to build more offices, buildings, factories. And by keeping them here, US-based companies have better control over the working conditions in their spaces.

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