From not hiring the right general contractor to the devastation resulting from natural disasters like the current LA fires, a lot of things can go wrong with the construction of your home. But you can minimize damage done by taking the proper precautions. Here are 6 unglamorous (but totally necessary) home improvement projects for optimizing the safety, structure, and sustainability of your home:


With the Rye fire blazing in Los Angeles right now, this is a big one on everyone’s minds in Southern California right now: the importance of fire-proofing your home. The key to preventing fire damage is in flame resistant roofing and siding and the use of ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms: flame resistant, inter-locking concrete traditionally used in the construction of commercial properties). If fire safety is a concern, as it pertains to the interior design of your home, work with an interior designer to find flame-resistant fabrics and furnishings. 


Just a few years ago, hillside homes in Southern California were sliding down and those at the bottom were flooding. If your home is one of those at risk for flooding, one of the best ways to prevent such an occurrence is to work with a general contractor to make sure your doors, windows, and walls are sealed properly. Conversely, another method is to minimize the water damage done if any is to get inside by installing electrical outlets higher up the walls and installing a solid, rather than wood flooring. This brings us to our next home improvement project to prevent disasters later on…

Mold Prevention

The process of preventing mold growth prior to or during construction is referred to as “Drying in the walls.” Unfortunately when you mix dry wall and ceiling tiles with heat and water, you get the perfect recipe for mold growth. The best ways to prevent is to have the home properly sealed to keep moisture out and that the construction site is properly dehumidified throughout the process. Another way to preserve the dryness is to stay on schedule as much as possible. When a site has to shut down for any reason, you run the risk of mold growth.  

Electrical Wiring

Strangely, electrical wiring is a project that people feel comfortable often doing themselves, but so many little mistakes can be made: from installing wires too tightly or wires of the wrong size entirely or making too loose of wire connections and overloading outlets, which can easily ignite electrical fires. These are tasks that are easy for your electrician or contractor to do quickly and taking the time to work with a profession is well worth the investment!

Gas Leak Prevention

Gas leaks are another easily preventable problem: They are so often the result of a homeowner who’s improperly installed an appliance and can lead to fires and explosions. This is another instance where having a well-vetted professional install boilers and cookers, and check them regularly, will worth the time and investment for the safety of your home and family.


This is something we have to be very careful about here in Southern California. The state has strict build codes, that are updated and improved upon after any devastating earthquake, to help mitigate the effects of an earthquake, but it is worth it for the safety of your family to have a general contractor or design team do a home inspection to make sure everything is built to code, especially if you have an older property that needs to be retrofitted.