Springtime is here and it’s time to start thinking about the best home improvement projects to tackle while the weather is getting warmer and, most importantly, more predictable. Read on as we discuss the 5 best home renovation projects to complete in the Spring.

Bright Contemporary living room in beige and purples

  1. Tackle Drywalling

Drywalling can create a lot of dust. When the weather gets better is the best time since you’ll be able to keep doors and windows open.

traditional home in Lake Sherwood. Chintz blue and white color palette

  1. Reflooring

Similarly, retiling or upgrading to wooden flooring can kick up a lot of dust and you’ll want the flexibility of having some staging and construction prep taking place nearby, outdoors.

Modern Beach House in Santa Monica

  1. Driveway

If you live in a climate that gets snowy in the Winter, your driveway is likely to take quite a beating. After snow season is over, it’s a good time to consider repaving or tiling your driveway.

Snowy Driveway

  1. Build a Room Addition

Breaking down and adding walls can displace homeowners for a while, and is often the cause of unwanted construction discoveries (mold in the walls, etc) which can lead to a lot of delays or projects taking longer than expected. So it’s best to do during a warmer season, when kids have off school, so you can take that long-awaited Spring break vacation!

Lemon Ranch modern indoor outdoor dining room with sky lights

  1. Landscaping

What’s more relaxing that developing your green thumb in the Springtime? Especially for newbie gardeners, the Spring is the best time to learn with an exciting, colorful variety of plants and florals beginning to bloom this time of year.

Landscape architecture in Lemon Ranch backyard