We just got back from a busy week at High Point Market. AKA heaven on Earth for any design-lover. Twice a year designers, furniture manufacturers, and trend forecasters gather in High Point, North Carolina to showcase, shop, and discuss the latest in home furnishings. This is where you get a taste of what’s to come in interior design and furniture retail spaces in the upcoming seasons. Read on for our design trend report:

Style Trends from High Point Market


Maximalism — it’s back in a big way! Gone are the days of paired back minimalism and all white interiors. Now it’s all about patterns, prints, chintz, and wallpaper galore!

blue and green Crypton performance fabric and Thibaut Wallpaper

Crypton performance fabric and Thibaut Wallpaper take this space to the max!


Riffing off the Brutalist architectural movement, edgy block-like shapes and solid materials were all over High Point Market this year. We think this may be the more glamorous, and traditional aesthetic taking over the industrial trend that’s been prominent over the past few years.  

Brutalist block cocktail tables from EJ Victor

Block-like cocktail side tables from EJ Victor, perfectly portable, versatile accents

Boho Decor

Bohemian decor is still going strong. And no one does it better than our friends at Selamat. Their collaboration with Justina Blakeney continues to be incredibly popular and somehow gets better every single year! From the rugs to the rattan lighting, these pieces were definitely showstopping.

rattan twin beds

Much of Justina Blakeney’s collection for Selamat Designs is comprised of natural, woven materials, and eclectic colors.

New Traditional Styles from High Point Market

Nods at tradition that have a certain je ne sais quois that isn’t quite traditional, nor is it modern. It’s less ornate, less frilly and deviates from the eclectic. 

Surya Rugs earth tone furniture and rugs young traditionalist

Stylings for the “Young Traditionalist” at Surya Rugs

Color Trends from High Point Market

New Neutrals

Camel & Blush are the new neutrals. Grey has been everyone’s favorite neutral over the past couple years. And the bubble gummy millennial pink has been trending. Add a little brown to both and you’ve got camel and blush: the new neutrals.

blush neutral feminine bedroom setting from Caracole

Caracole butterfly bedroom setting in blush neutrals

Green Velvet Sofas

This one is incredibly specific, but green velvet sofas were everywhere! Last year jewel tones in general were trending. We saw raspberry and deep indigo all over, but this year it was all about the olive and forest green sofa.

Green velvet sofa in the Denise McGaha vignette at Currey Co

The Currey & Company showroom, noted predominantly for their spectacular lighting, but features some fabulous furniture as well. This green velvet sofa was front and center!

Teal and Orange

Teal and orange are a classic, cinematic color combo that was popping up everywhere. This year was all about high’s and lows. High contrast and bright, bold colors were trending across market.

teal and orange flat weaves from Surya rugs

teal and orange flat weaves from Surya rugs

Shapes and Style at High Point Market


Curvy, feminine lines were all over market. The conversation pit is back, but it looks a little different. It’s a bit more glamorous than before. But it’s not just mod furnishings that had the curve going on: We were noticing the curves in traditional pieces as well.

in camel and blush kelly wearstler curvy furniture

New Kelly Wearstler furniture for EJ Victor was all about the Curves!

Cut Outs

From coffee tables to accent chairs, those brutalist, edgy silhouettes were accentuated by unexpected cutouts. These peep-holes were probably the most unexpected trend we saw across High Point!

curtsy glamorous arm chair

Arm cut outs and striking silhouette: the Caracole Curtsy chair was named because from the side angle it resembles the gesturing of a curtsy.

Material Trends from High Point 2018

Natural Materials & Metals

Cane and natural weaves mixed with hard metals in contrasting colors. We noticed this all over in a variety of design styles.

console buffet from Bernhardt furniture high point market 2018

This console from Bernhardt furniture imitates shapes and texture found in nature and is offset by a glamorous metallic base.